Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sayang Betul Pada Dia..

Yeh yeh... Real Madrid menang tatkala bertemu dengan seteru tradisi Barcelona baru-baru ini. Yippie!!!! Dan, cuba perhatikan betul-betul... siapa yang assist Ronaldo untuk gol kedua yang membawa kepada kemenangan Real?? Siapa?? Siapaaaaa???? 

Flying kiss for him... Lap him beriiii much haha

~tintaku menari...
victory dance.. lalala~

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I'm A Barbie Girl

Today is Saturday. And today is super boring day for me.. yeah since I dun have any plan to do this weekend and the previous weekend and the previous previous weekend too... arrggghhh... 

So, I switch on the tv.. and I watch this cartoon ehehee... well, it's a Barbie cartoon. 'Princess and the Pauper'. Wow!!! cartoon weeehhhh.... hahhaa

This 'Princess and the Pauper' I believe originally from the Barbie storybook series which turns into a movie. It's about a princess named Anneliese who is craving for freedom from her royal life when she been asked by her mother to marry King Dominic to save their kingdom. The thing is Anneliese is actually falling in love with her tutor, Julian. Meanwhile the pauper, Erika who also craving for freedom when she stuck with Madam Carp's Dress Emporium to pay her debt. Anneliese and Erika, both are very look a like to each other except of their hair colour and Anneliese has a royal birth mark at her shoulder.

The story begins when the queen's advisor, Sir Preminger has a plan to rule the kingdom by himself by kidnapping Anneliese, pretend to rescue her and then to marry her. The plan has totally changed 180 when the queen wants Anneliese to marry King Dominic. So, instead of marrying Anneliese, Preminger plans to marry the queen!! (gile kan??) This is where Erika came out when Julian asks her to pretend like Anneliese while he go out to rescue the princess... and hey!!! you should watch it.. well, if you want to know the ending of course :):):) eleh, macam tak boleh tgk kat youtube kan hehehe

As usual, Barbie always has a big influence to little kids nowadays especially girls and yeah.. in a good way. So, this 'Princess and the Pauper' is definitely a good story to watch with the whole family (unless your dad is a big fan of football and wrestling ahah!!!) Although it's just like other typical fairy tales, but it never turn me down. Feel like I was a kid when I used to watch those fairy tales movie at TV2 during school holiday... everyday!!! Lepas tuh verangan jadi princess hahaha

So, here's the trailer... and enjoy!!!

Ermm... I might be quite late to watch this movie... but I do hope I'm not too late to share this with you out there :):):)

~tintaku menari..