Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sneak Peak.

Kembali ke rutin harian.
Setelah 4 hari di atas jalan.
Masih pening-pening lalat...
Penangan lempangan padu maut.. dari seseorang...
Rehat dulu lah... hehe

~tintaku kena lempang..
bergegar-gegar dakwatnya!!~

Friday, February 3, 2012

Unforgettable Memories.

I love to create a special quote when I go to a special place with my special friends. But, usually those quotes are just in my mind.. (well, maybe because it’s too special so I only keep it in a special place!! Kedekut kan?? Haha). So I’m thinking to reveal some of my most precious quotes  here. Really miss those moments…
"Pasir... rindunya pada ombak...." ~ Redang Island (2009)

"Jika rindu pada ombak, lihatlah awan...." ~ Mabul Island (2011)

Well, basically all you people would say there's nothing special with these pictures but deep in my heart, nothing can be compared with what I had experienced at these places. Maybe it's a bit cliche those quotes (since Ombak Rindu tgh top right now..hoho) but, Fauziah Ashaari (if you read my blog ~~perasan!!) can create much much better quotes than me :):):)

But for this...
"Seindah-indah lukisan alam di kanvas-Nya... awat muka aku tak de??!!
(kidding... sori Ila, aku pakai gambo nih sebab aku sukeee gile2 gambo nih wwoowowo)

Seriously, I miss those moment...

~tintaku menari
di atas pasir... lembut sekali...~