Thursday, November 29, 2012

Never Been Kissed

This is the biggest confession I ever made for my whole entire life!!! Damn!!! 

Well, November always become the 'winter season' of mine.. (musim hujan je pun tapi sejuk sampai mencucuk tulang kering!) When it's cold, the best place to go is your bedroom and get comfy under the blanket. Oh my.. it's so heaven and for these previous years I've been doing this thingy happily. But this time, I feel a little bit lonely and sad as well. 

              Saban masa dari dahulu kala, buat segala perkara yang saya inginkan lakukan biarpun hanya sekali sudah cukup menggembirakan hati tapi pada hari ini saya cukup sedar yang saya sangat keseorangan tanpa sesiapa di sisi biarpun secebis kenangan sekalipun.

Yeap, I never experience any of these feeling with somebody.(If you know what I mean) And I know that it needs a very high determination to tell 'this' to the public (here). And when I found this video, I feel more and more lonely. *sigh

But anyway, life must goes on kan.... Just be optimist... You'll never know what God had planned for you. So, enjoy the video. A great singer from Philippines who sings a great song that really make me feel so fool uhuk uhuk.... Listen to the lyrics then you'll understand...

 Question :Should I feel a shame telling you this??
Answer : A big YES!!!
Mode : Menyesal 
menutup kepala guna penutup pen...~

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Great movie.
James Bond movie never let me down so far.
But this time I'm totally in love with the song..

'Skyfall by Adele'

Erm.. dah tengok??? :):):)

~tintaku menari,
ballet..... wow!!~

Thursday, November 1, 2012


It’s been a while I haven’t update my dearest blog. Not that I’m too busy but the laziness of mine has become so dominant in my life currently. So, wakeup Ona wakeup!!!

Well, what is actually had happened to me this past few months??? A lot!!! Like a lot of things… happy, sad, fun, tired.. you name it… but I don’t think that I can compile those memories into one single post here.. so, wish me luck in writing yeee (pherasaaannnn haha)

I just want to announce that I don’t have any internet connection for time being.. I’m in about to figure out and solve this matter and hopefully the dearest Mr TM would give me his bestest service to solve my problem. So, what I do right now is… go to work, going back to home, feed my cats, housekeeping, laundry, watch my beloved 60’s blue screen TV and sleep and it keeps repeating all over again… what a boring life I have here haha

See you soon. Till then.

Membuat karangan darjah 6… semula~